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Our Law Firm represents people: individuals, injured workers, consumers and owners of small businesses, who have suffered personal injuries or financial damage. We welcome inquiries and if we can help we will. In many cases we will refer requests for help to lawyers with special experience.

We offer a substantial range of experience, far beyond that of the traditional plaintiffs' law firm, from a variety of complex and challenging cases against national and multi-national companies and major insurance companies, including cases for individuals, injured workers, owners of small businesses and in class actions where large numbers of people have been injured or caused to suffer damage to property and financial losses. Class actions are extremely powerful tools to hold a wrongdoer accountable in circumstances where an individual case would be inefficient or uneconomical, in cases of consumer frauds, chemical invasions, defective products, and financial scams.

We accept clients on a contingency basis. We agree to pay all trial preparation costs as allowed by law that are necessary to prosecute a case and are only paid for our services if, and when, we are successful. We do not send bills or ask for retainers. As long as our clients follow our advice, if there is no recovery, there are no charges for attorney’s fee or costs and we put it in writing.

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